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Paddy Power And Farnborough FC Bring Zidane Out Of Retirement 


Well, not exactly. Paddy Power, the well known bookmaker have recently signed a sponsorship deal with Conference South team Farnborough FC. Before the deal was approved, Farnborough were on the brink of administration and it was becoming increasingly likely that the club was going to go bust. Thankfully, with the new Paddy Power deal the clubs finances now seem pretty secure; but more importantly the bookmakers have big plans on turning Farnborough FC into the best football club of all time.

The players who now line up for Farnborough FC include (But is not limited to) Zinedine Zidane, Gordon Banks and Lionel Messi. Now of course these aren’t the actual Messi and Zidane but as part of the deal the players of Farnborough FC have had their names changed by deed poll to those of the football superstars. Even the staff have had some changes, with Jose Mourinho “stepping in” as manager. Whilst the whole thing is a bit of a marketing stunt, it’s undoubtedly going to work out well for the team; It’s not just the initial sponsorship deal but there will likely be a rush for merchandise such as the kit, owing to the famous names they now display. The attention that such an enterprise also brings will bring in additional revenue for the club. At a time where a lot of football clubs are struggling, it’s good to see businesses willing to step in and get some of them out of trouble.

Paddy Power will also of course benefit from the deal as the club and stadium will receive a good amount of branding; and as part of the agreement, the stadium has been renamed to the Paddy Power Park. Even one of the clubs staff members has been given the name “Paddy Power”. The fans are also winners as not only will the club be able to play come the new season, but the funding will also allow the stadiums facilities to receive some much needed renovations.

Finally, Paddy Power are also planning to follow Farnborough FC’s season with regular news updates on their performances; This will only increase the clubs exposure bringing in further revenue. With such a lucrative deal it seems that the club will be financially secure for years to come. Seeing great players such as Paul Gascoigne, Diego Maradona and Pelé back on the field (Kind of) is also fantastic for all football fans.

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