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  • How do I play?

Take a look at our How to Play guide for full details.

  • I’m under 18. Can I play?

No. Unfortunately all entrants must be 18 years of age or over.

  • Does it cost to play?

No, it’s FREE to play in The Non League Bets Predictions Game.

  • Can I have more than one entry?

No. Only one account is allowed per person. Multiple accounts will be closed and the user may be disqualified from participating.

  • What can I win?

Unfortunately, there is currently no prizes being offered. However, we are looking for sponsorship for the 2014/15 season that will enable us to offer monthly prizes.

  • When do I have to submit my predictions?

All predictions have to be submitted at least 15 minutes before the kick off for each round of matches.

  • Can I change my selections?

Yes, players have until 15 minutes before the start of a match to change their predictions.

  • How do I find out how I did?

Points are usually updated within a few hours of an eligible match finishing. You can view the leaderboard here.

  • What is the monthly league?

The Monthly league is compiled using the number of points scored during a calendar month.

  • What is the season league?

The Season league is compiled using the number of points scored from the start of Non League Bets Predictions Game season until the last round in May.

  • How do I change my details?

You can update your profile here.

  • What happens when matches are postponed?

If any listed games are postponed, abandoned or not completed (i.e. less than 90mins played) the match will be considered void and no score added.

  • How can I contact you?

Please click here to contact us.